PCNRC Module 6: Reviewing the Investment Grade Audit and Project Proposal  

Education Type: 
2 hours
0.3 CEU
Sponsored by: 

Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP

In Partnership with:

State & Community Energy Programs - SCEP

This training is intended to provide information on activities involved in thoroughly reviewing the investment grade audit (IGA) and project proposal. Specific Owner's Representative roles and responsibilities are reviewed. This training strongly encourages following proven models and engaging outside expert assistance. The training covers different sections of the proposal that need to be reviewed, the investment grade audit, reviewing the measurement and verification plan, and financing and pricing aspects of the ESPC proposal. A comprehensive understanding of risk in ESPC is provided including the proper allocation of risk among the parties as it relates to their responsibilities. An understanding of how the Owner's Representative should handle proposal review documents to ensure all comments are accumulated and summarized and differences resolved is reviewed in detail. This training provides the Owner's Representative with the understanding needed to determine that the proposed project is technically excellent and financially sound.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders and using model documents to achieve project success;
  • Identify the elements of the project proposal, understanding that the contractor integrates findings from the Investment Grade Audit with the requirements stated in the client's RFP to produce the Final Proposal;
  • Describe how to balance M&V requirements with costs and benefits; and
  • Explain the allocation of risk and how to mitigate risk when managing a successful ESPC.

Credits for PCNRC Series

The PCNRC training certificate series was developed through a collaborative effort between FEMP, SCEP, National Labs, DOE contractors, and experts in MUSH market performance contracting.  Read More

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