ESPC ESA Webinar Series: ESPC ESAs for Resilience  

Education Type: 
Live Online
1.5 Hours
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EST)
0.2 CEU

This webinar will cover the unique aspects of energy savings performance contract (ESPC) energy sales agreements (ESAs) that benefit an agency interested in implementing energy projects for resilience. The webinar will cover the important considerations for using ESPC ESAs to support a resilience project as well as an overview of technology options that support resilience goals such as microgrid ready, photovoltaics/batteries, and microgrids. This webinar will go over tools that can help agencies make decisions on resilience measures for an EPSC ESA.

This webinar is the sixth in a series that provides information, best practices, and resources for implementing distributed energy projects through an ESPC ESA.

  • ESPC ESA Webinar Series: Overview and Requirements (March 12, 2019);
  • ESPC ESA Webinar Series: Photovoltaic Project Considerations (April 23, 2019);
  • ESPC ESA Webinar Series: Site-Specific Stand-Alone Project Overview (July 23, 2019);
  • ESPC ESA Webinar Series: DOE ESPC ENABLE with an ESA (October 8, 2019); and
  • ESPC ESA Webinar Series: DOE IDIQ ESPC with an ESA (December 10, 2019)


Phil Voss, Senior Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory  

Phil Voss provides technical assistance for alternative financing programs and projects, supporting the the U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program ESPC, UESC, and distributed energy initiatives. His work includes cross-coordination of these initiatives, performance-period support for ESPC projects, training development and delivery, and efforts to advance implementation of energy sales agreements at federal facilities. Phil also has experience managing project technical assistance, strategic energy planning, and representing NREL with a range of federal and non-federal clients. Phil has a B.S. in architectural engineering from North Carolina A&T State University.

Chandra Shah, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MBA, CEM, Senior Project Leader, NREL  

Chandra is a senior project leader at NREL. She is the laboratory lead for FEMP’s distributed energy procurement program and has been supporting FEMP since 1998. She is a co-author of the ESPC ESA Toolkit and other ESPC ESA templates.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand important considerations when developing resilience goals;
  • Have a high-level understanding of technology options with increasing complexity and cost;
  • Be familiar with the ESPC ESA contract vehicle and ESPC ESA-specific considerations; and
  • Be introduced to cost savings that can be considered towards the ESPC statutory cost savings requirement and the importance of bundling an ESA ECM with other ECMs.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: