Operational Technology Cybersecurity: Landscape, Threats, and Resources  

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Live Online
1 Hour
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)
0.2 CEU

Federal agency staff are facing increasing pressure to defend operational technologies
(OT) against cyber intrusion. This webinar will provide an overview of OT cybersecurity, common reference models and resources, as well as discuss how the intersection of OT and information technology (IT) can result in new surface areas for attack. The training will also briefly reference FEMP resources as well as additional free tools available to federal agency staff that will help enhance cybersecurity posture across facilities.


Sri Gourisetti, Grid — Cybersecurity Research Engineer, PNNL  

Sri Nikhil Gupta Gourisetti is a Grid — cybersecurity research engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). During his research engagement at PNNL, he worked on several smart grid cyber–physical security projects addressing the security and grid systems interaction challenges and needs of critical facilities and infrastructure. He has been actively involved in research projects on security engineering solutions and responses for critical infrastructure. He is the Co–PI for DOE Cybersecurity projects such Keyless Infrastructure Security Solution — a blockchain–based system for critical infrastructure; Mitigation of External–exposure for Energy Delivery Systems; Cybersecurity Framework. He is one of the lead authors for DOE–PNNL led buildings cybersecurity framework and the lead developer for vulnerability assessment tools. He is the Co–PI for the development of on–going cyber–physical security non–intrusive applications. He is a technical lead for an incentive–based hardware-–n–the–loop project where the grid simulation software and hardware systems interact in real–time. Under a DARPA project, he also led a team to develop red team — blue team cyber–physical attack scenarios for grid systems.

Julia Rotondo, Program Manager, PNNL  

Julia Rotondo is a Program Manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with over 8 years' experience working on energy, climate change, and buildings efficiency issues. This experience includes leading research on connected technologies, miscellaneous loads, and operational technologies cybersecurity. At PNNL, Julia works on several cybersecurity issues, including developing resources to enhance the cybersecurity posture of federal facilities.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the growing importance of cybersecurity as it pertains to OT;
  • Distinguish between IT and OT cybersecurity;
  • Gain familiarity with common cybersecurity reference models and resources; and
  • Help staff understand how to access and utilize FEMP tools to improve facility cybersecurity.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: