Planning an Energy Assessment for Federal Facilities  

Education Type: 
4 Hours


AIA Learning Units: 
4.0 LU | HSW
0.5 CEU
4.0 CE
LEED Category: 
Energy & Atmosphere

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Focused on managing the Energy Assessment process in federal facilities, this course assists the
Federal Energy and Facility Manager to comply with executive orders and legislative mandates and meet the requirements of Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. A properly planned and executed energy assessment provides a roadmap for making cost-effective improvements that drive energy and operational efficiencies. This course provides a framework for determining the type of energy assessment to conduct and an overview of how the energy assessment process systemically reviews key facility components including building envelope; mechanical systems such as HVAC; and electrical systems such as lighting. This course focuses on key applications of energy assessments in specific Federal applications such as data centers and laboratories, incorporating best practices and practical advice from experts in Federal energy assessments.


Ed St. Germain, Director of Energy and Environment Support, Enviro-Management & Research, Inc.  

The instructor for this course is Ed St. Germain, Director of Energy and Environment Support at Enviro-Management & Research, Inc. Mr. St. Germain has more than 37 years public and private sector facility, maintenance management, and energy technical assistance experience, specifically in reliability centered maintenance (RCM), retro-commissioning, and energy saving alternatives. During the last twelve years, he has managed long term O&M support contracts, first for NASA Headquarters, and currently for DOE FEMP. He co-authored two EERE O&M handbooks — Commissioning for Federal Facilities (which has an accompanying e-Learning course) and the Energy Savings Assessment Training Manual.

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will learn to manage the process for conducting an energy assessment in Federal facilities including:

  • Selecting the proper energy assessment type and prioritizing the facilities most in need of an energy assessments;
  • Understanding how key building components such as building envelope and electrical and mechanical systems are assessed;
  • Assembling an energy assessment team with the proper expertise;
  • Conducting the energy assessment walkthrough and interviewing key personnel;
  • Developing the master list of findings from the energy assessment and prioritizing an operational list of improvements; and
  • Measurement and verification activities.

NOTE: The executive order(s) cited in this course has/have been revoked and superseded by the latest executive order(s). For information on the latest federal energy and environmental policies, visit the Office of Federal Sustainability Council on Environmental Quality website.