Create your own Pathways for your Installation/Building  

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Live On-Site
2 hours
3:30PM - 5:30PM (ET)

Pittsburgh, PA

0.3 CEU
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DOE Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP

Learn how to adopt emerging technology into your current operations to future-proof your building, campus, installation, and enterprise. See case studies from deployed technology pathway successes. Don't let all-or-nothing stop you from advancing your operational performance. A simple technology pathway should be the outcome to plan and operate against. Come to this workshop prepared to leave with an action-focused mindset. Bring pressing problems towards action and turn common barriers into actions through a simple and flexible yet broad technology roadmap for security and resiliency. Learn best practices for building your own pathway, key topics and talking points, and where to get the data to support your own roadmap.


Andrew Linowes, Vice President Clean Energy & Infrastructure Advisory, JLL  

Mr. Linowes has over 13 years of experience in supply- and demand-side energy management and financing. He partners with organizations to plan, finance, execute, and manage large-scale infrastructure initiatives encompassing intricate funding structures and multiple stakeholders, including federal, state, and local government, private sector firms and community advocates. His experience spans the complete infrastructure lifecycle, from strategic planning, financing, and negotiating agreements to delivering and managing hard assets. Over the course of his career, Mr. Linowes has developed 200 MW of new power generation, storage, and microgrid assets and is currently working with clients to develop charging infrastructure in support of fleet electrification initiatives. He holds an MPP in Energy Policy from The George Washington University and received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Vermont.

Wendy Gumb, Microgrid Solutions Program Director, Schneider Electric  

Wendy Gumb is a key part of Schneider Electric’s North America Microgrid Hub, where she supports the development of microgrid and distributed energy resource projects. Her work spans from customer-side metering to utility control centers, focusing on both financial and technical solutions to ensure customer outcomes are met. Starting her career in the United States Navy’s Navigation Division, Wendy now has over two decades of experience in structuring and negotiating infrastructure improvement solutions. Her portfolio includes work with the General Services Administration, Department of Defense, NASA, municipalities, educational institutions, commercial customers, and utilities. Wendy excels in connecting concepts and people into cohesive teams. She operates with a shared value mindset, constantly pushing boundaries and disrupting the status quo to create lasting impact for customers, communities, and organizations. Wendy holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies from Suffolk University.

Dan Nordloh, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Entech Solutions a division of FaithTechnologies, Inc.  

As the senior vice president and general manager of EnTech Solutions as division of Faith Technologies, Ind. Dan is responsible for providing strategic direction and leading the organization’s distributed energy business. This entails strategy development to deliver integrated distributed energy products and systems to EnTech Solutions’ partners and customers using innovative energy technology offerings and leveraging edge and cloud platforms to deliver the future of electricity. Dan has been with EnTech solutions since 2019 and has nearly 15 years of experience in evolving distributed energy technologies and markets. He serves on the board of Wisconsin Clean Cities, as well as Standard Imaging, Inc. He holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Kentucky University.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize Emerging Technologies: Gain insights into the latest technological advancements and how they can impact your operations. Learn about cutting-edge solutions that can future-proof your building, campus, installation, and enterprise;
  • Understand Real-World Case Studies: Explore case studies of successful technology implementations. Identify how these real-life examples will demonstrate how organizations have leveraged emerging tech to enhance efficiency, security, and resilience;
  • Overcome the All-or-Nothing Mindset: Break free from the all-or-nothing mentality. Recognize incremental steps can lead to significant improvements. The workshop will encourage you to adopt a pragmatic approach rather than waiting for perfect solutions;
  • Create a Simple Technology Pathway: Identify a clear and actionable technology pathway. Recognize how to plan and operate effectively by focusing on achievable steps. A straightforward roadmap will guide your implementation efforts;
  • Identify Best Practices and Data Support: Learn from industry experts about best practices for building your own technology roadmap. Explore key topics and talking points related to security, resiliency, and operational performance. Additionally, discover reliable sources for gathering data to inform your decision-making process.