Corrosion Toolbox  


The Corrosion Toolbox contains several tools useful for evaluating environmental severity and compiling environmental data, including the ICCET, that were developed as part of the ESC study. Pre-calculated ISO Categories for DoD locations using the ICCET can be found in Appendix D (updated August 24, 2018) of the Facilities ESC Study report. Specifics regarding this method can be found in section 5.3 of the Facilities ESC Study report on the ESC CPC Source. These tools can be used to estimate ISO Corrosivity Categories, calculate Wood Decay Hazard Index, overlay various corrosion data and severity indices using interactive maps, view animated maps of monthly corrosivity, and obtain air pollution and weather data from NOAA and EPA databases.

ISO Corrosivity Category Estimation Tool (ICCET)

Uses NOAA data (ISD-Lite) to estimate the ISO Corrosivity Category.

Wood Decay Hazard Index (Scheffer Index)

Uses NOAA data (GHCN) to calculate Scheffer Index.

Corrosion Map

Display of wood decay hazard index (Scheffer-Index) and ISO Corrosivity Categories (ISO 9223) based on steel coupon outdoor exposure.

Air Pollution and Weather Data

This script pulls pollution data from EPA databases and NOAA Weather Data from the ISD-Lite Database. Outputs hourly data, missing data is linearly interpolated.

Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: