WBDG User's Guide

Part 2 Searching the WBDG

This tutorial is part of the WBDG User's Guide describing the development of the Web site and the information available within its pages. Follow along below as a narrator discusses a particular aspect of the WBDG.org. A transcript can be viewed by clicking on the 'View Transcript' link below the User Guide navigation. Click on the arrow in the image below to begin.

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To locate information and navigate through the WBDG:

  • Select from one of the eight sections in the main navigation bar and browse through the structured pages.
  • Search the entire site by using the search function found in the upper-right hand corner of each page or
  • Click on the Site Map link found in the top navigation and browse a listing of all pages within the site.

Let's explore the Site Map. The WBDG is organized into five levels:

  • Level 1 is the home page and gateway to all sections.
  • Level 2 pages represent the seven main categories: Design Guidance, Project Management, Operations and Maintenance, etc. These are accessed via the main navigation bar on each page.
  • Level 3 is comprised of the sub-category pages under the Level 2 titles: For example, the subcategory pages of Design Guidance are: Building Types, Space Types, Design Disciplines, Design Objectives, and Products & Systems.
  • Level 4 pages expand on the range of building information related to the pages in Level 3. For example, the Level 4 pages for Building Types fall under General Building Types Pages, such as Educational Facilities, and Specific Building Type Pages, such as Child Development Centers and Elementary Schools.
  • Level 5 are the Resource Pages ? the last level consisting of detailed building related information on different topics. These topics may be related and linked to various Level 3 and 4 pages. Some examples of Resource Pages are: Daylighting, Electrical Safety, and Solar Water Heating.

Below this Site Map illustration is a complete list of the pages within the WBDG. Here you can quickly browse through the various titles and click on a title to jump to that page.

We'll now demonstrate the search function using 'daylighting' as an example.

The WBDG search draws from two main indexes: WBDG site pages and Construction Criteria Base documents. Search results are displayed by default in order of relevance and show the titles and links to pages containing an instance of the search term. Browse through the results by clicking on the arrow next to the results count or by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom.

You can narrow your results by un-checking one of the collections. For example, if you were searching for a specific Department of Energy criteria manual — you could uncheck the WBDG collection box and click the search button. You can also narrow your search by clicking on the 'Search these results' link at the top of the page (to search on another term within the retrieved results) or by clicking on the 'Advanced' link below the search box (to narrow the search by using additional terms).