WUFI-ORNL/IBP is a menu-driven PC program which allows realistic calculation of the transient coupled one-dimensional heat and moisture transport in multi-layer building components exposed to natural weather. It is based on the newest findings regarding vapour diffusion and liquid transport in building materials and has been validated by detailed comparison with measurements obtained in the laboratory and on outdoor testing fields.

Current Version3.0
System RequirementsInternet Explorer 4.1 or higher (except WinNT), Service Pack 4 or higher (WinNT only), Installed ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) version 2.5 or higher, in order to use the Access database with the material data. (this is present on your system if MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) version 2.5 or higher has been installed).
AvailabilityFree download from the WUFI-ORNEL Web site.