Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant (FRESA)

The Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant (FRESA) allows energy auditors in the DOE SAVEnergy Program to quickly evaluate renewable energy opportunities and energy systems options for possible inclusion in a facility's energy program. The program is a supplement to the energy and water conservation audits that will be completed for all Federal buildings and will flag renewable energy opportunities by facilitating the evaluation and ranking process. FRESA processes building and facility data to indicate opportunities for renewable energy applications in Federal facilities and buildings. The purpose is to focus feasibility study efforts on those applications most likely to prove cost effective. FRESA provides uniform assumptions in the form of database weather and technology/energy cost parameters. FRESA generates reports consistent with the DOE/FEMP SAVEnergy Audit format.

AvailabilityA new, improved version of the Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant is currently under development. The new version will be web-based and it will still help users examine which renewable technologies are cost-effective at their site. Please check the DOE Federal Energy Management Program's Web site for release information.