ECONPACK (Economic Analysis Package) is a comprehensive economic analysis computer package incorporating economic analysis calculations, documentation and reporting capabilities. It is structured so it can be used by non-economists to prepare complete, properly documented economic analysis (EA) in support of DoD funding requests.

The analytic capabilities of ECONPACK are generic, providing standardized economic analysis methodologies and calculations to evaluate a broad range of capital investment categories such as barracks, hospitals, family housing, information systems, utility plants, maintenance facilities, ranges, runways, commercially financed facilities, and equipment.

Current Version4.0.14
System RequirementsIBM compatible personal computer Pentium or faster, 166Mhz CPU, CD-ROM Drive, 64 (or higher) MB of RAM, 40 MB of hard disk space, direct or dial-up Internet access, the equivalent or higher of Windows 2000 Operating System (NOTE: Administrative privileges are required to install the software), HP or Compatible laser printer, and a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher.
Contact/SupportU.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Huntsville Engineering and Support Center
AvailabilityECONPACK is no longer available to the general public. A contractor must have a government contract in-place. The contractor's Government POC must request access via digitally signed email (.gov or .mil). The software must be registered (unlocked) within seven days and must contact for an Unlock Code.
Agency UseU.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

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