HVAC - New Hospitals, Replacement Hospitals, Ambulatory Care, Clinical Additions, Energy Centers, Outpatient Clincs, Animal Research Facilities/Laboratory Buildings  


This manual is intended for the Architect/Engineer (henceforth referred to as the A/E) and others engaged in the design and renovation of VA facilities. VA Medical Centers are encouraged to use these criteria for Non-Recurring Maintenance (NRM) and Minor Construction Projects to ensure quality control and uniformity in design and construction practices and procedures. Use of this manual shall result in meeting the primary objective of providing environmental comfort to veterans, employees, and visitors. The HVAC system shall be:

  • Technically correct, complete, and coordinated
  • In compliance with all applicable safety standards
  • Easily accessible for repairs and maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • In compliance with prescribed noise and vibration levels
Building Types: