Sustainable Strategies for O&M and Energy Conservation  


This series covers best practices to implement sustainable operations at federal facilities through social, policy, and technical strategies, including how to:

  • Apply principles of life cycle cost analysis and economic optimization to improve long-term economic decision-making;
  • Incorporate whole-building thinking in all phases of facility design, operations, and maintenance;
  • Enable lasting institutional change in existing policies and practices, and introduce new sustainable behaviors by employing proven behavior change principles using Roles, Rules, and Tools; and
  • Recognize decision points and opportunities to implement sustainable strategies to achieve integrated, holistic and cost effective improvements and apply tools to identify opportunities to establish implementation plans and metrics to comply with the Guiding Principles for High Performance Sustainable Existing Buildings.


Course Level
FEMPFTS23 Re-Thinking Operations & Maintenance for High Performance Buildings Intermediate
FEMPFTS25 New Developments in Federal Building Energy Efficiency Standards Intermediate
FEMP08 Sustainable Institutional Change for Federal Facility Managers Intermediate
FEMP09 Sustainable Strategies for Existing Federal Facilities Intermediate

Certicate Request

To obtain a Series Certificate after completing the set of courses, print your transcript from the new WBDG continuing education system and submit your information from the FEMP Series Certificate Request Form. Upon submittal your information will be forwarded to a FEMP representative. Once the completion record is verified, you will receive your certificate via email.