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Construction Criteria Base

Energy Star Criteria

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Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense 04-08-1997 30 KB
ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Manual

Given the cost-savings potential of improving energy efficiency in existing buildings, the EPA has developed this Building Upgrade Manual to assist organizations in planning and implementing profitable upgrades. This manual outlines a process for developing a comprehensive energy-management strategy and an integrated approach to upgrading existing buildings. It also provides information on proven energy-efficient technologies that can produce energy savings of 35 percent or more. The EPA estimates that if the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings improved by just 10 percent, Americans would save about $20 billion annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to the emissions from almost 30 million vehicles. As part of its efforts to encourage energy efficiency in buildings, the EPA has awarded the ENERGY STAR to thousands of facilities for their superior performance. (For more on the ENERGY STAR Buildings Program, visit

265 pages
2008 4 MB