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Construction Criteria Base

Green Seal Reports

Green Seal, the leading U.S. ecolabel, is a non-profit organization that actively identifies and promotes sustainability in the marketplace, and helps organizations become greener in a real and effective way. Green Seal develops lifecycle-based sustainability standards for products and services, and offers voluntary third-party certification for those that meet these criteria. Over 3600 products and services in 115 categories have been certified, ranging from windows, electric chillers, paints, and cleaners to hotels, restaurants, and cleaning services.

These documents are available in the following format:
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Title Date Downloads
Carpet 12-2001 313 KB
Compact Fluorescent Lighting 12-01-1998 367 KB
Floor-Care Products: Finishers and Strippers 06-2004 541 KB
Lawn Care Equipment 07-01-1998 424 KB
Low Rolling Resistance Tires 03-2003 285 KB
Luminaires: Energy-Efficient CFL Downlight Luminaires 11-2000 227 KB
Luminaires: High Intensity Discharge Luminaires 07-2000 406 KB
Luminaires: Linear Fluorescent Luminaires 09-2000 360 KB
Occupancy Sensors 02-01-1997 489 KB
Office Furniture 07-2005 294 KB
Office Supplies 05-2002 321 KB
Paper: Alternative Fiber Papers 04-01-1998 587 KB
Paper: Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels 03-2004 278 KB
Paper: Printing, Writing and Copy Paper 04-2006 394 KB
Particleboard and Medium-Density Fiberboard 10-2001 242 KB
Rigid Quick Serve Food Packaging 06-01-1999 713 KB
Room Air Conditioning 09-01-1999 603 KB
Wood Finishes and Stains 02-2005 171 KB