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Construction Criteria Base

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These documents are available in the following format:
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Title Date Downloads
A Model Occupant Emergency Plan for the ACME Federal Building 03-06-2002 213 KB
DOE - Status of State Energy Codes  
DOE/EE 0025 Windows and Daylighting - A Brighter Outlook 11-01-1994 812 KB
DOE/RL/01830P-H4 Architects/Engineers Guide to Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings - Volume 1 02-01-1990 443 KB
DOE/RL/01830P-H4 Architects/Engineers Guide to Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings - Volume 2 09-01-1989 1.6 MB
FEMP Operations & Maintenance Best Practices Release 3.0: A Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency

The purpose of this guide is to provide the Operations and Maintenance (O&M)/Energy manager and practitioner with useful information about O&M management, technologies, energy efficiency, and cost-reduction approaches. To make this guide useful and to reflect needs and concerns, the authors met with O&M and Energy managers via Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) workshops. In addition, the authors conducted extensive literature searches and contacted numerous vendors and industry experts. The information and case studies that appear in this guide resulted from these activities.

321 pages
08-2010 7 MB
Greening Federal Facilities: An Energy, Environmental, and Economic Resource Guide for Federal Facility Managers - 2nd Edition 05-01-2001 2.4 MB
Guide to Integrating Renewable Energy in Federal Construction  
NISTIR 85-3273-26 Energy Price Indices and Discount Factors for Life-Cycle Cost Analysis - 2011; Annual Supplement to NIST Handbook 135 and NBS Special Publication 709
This is the 2011 edition of energy price indices and discount factors for performing life-cycle cost analyses of energy and water conservation and renewable energy projects in federal facilities. It will be effective from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. This publication supports the federal life-cycle costing methodology described in 10 CFR 436A and OMB Circular A-94 by updating the energy price projections and discount factors that are described, explained, and illustrated in NIST Handbook 135 (HB 135, Life-Cycle Costing Manual for the Federal Energy Management Program.) It supports private-sector life-cycle cost analysis by updating the energy price indices that are described, explained, and illustrated in NBS Special Publication 709 (SP 709).
81 pages
09-2011 313 KB
USAF/DOE Design Guide for Military Family Housing - Energy Efficient Revitalization and New Construction 07-2006 1 MB
Working Safely with Photovoltaic Systems 01-01-1991 445 KB